French in Action

French in Action is how I started to learn French. ….

I had a crush on “Mireille”.


“a restaurant that was content to provide a minor treasure, but of the highest quality, and at old-fashioned prices.There used to be simple little restaurants like this throughout France;  now they had become few and far between, killed off by the invasion of fast-food chains.

The Marseille Capers, Peter Mayle

[époustouflé — flabbergasted]


October 2012:

Getting your message out there in style is met with a nod from people in the know, so much so that you’re encouraged to dig deeper and work that much harder to gather and utilize all available elements of knowledge, grace and wisdom into a package and/or a platform that carries you into the higher and more refined strata you’ve been aiming for. This birthday month (and year in particular) is especially meaningful and marks a time in which substantial strides forward can be achieved. Your homework is to review the ways in which you’ve missed opportunities in the past and remain vigilant about not repeating the same mistakes you did 7½, 15 or 30 years ago.

LIBRA Go To: Jupiter in your 9th house of long stories and tall tales (no in reflective retrograde mode) may place you in the mood to review what you’ve lived thus far and put pen to paper. Pat Carr is a superb and inspiring writer, teacher and memoirist, and Alice Orr (former literary agent and then some) will teach you all she knows about agent-stalking. Both take part in the International Women’s Writing Guild Big Apple Writing weekend at the Scandinavia House on October 13th and 14th. Event includes a book fair and Meet the Authors/Meet the Agents. Men are welcome, too.

Dark Shadows

[This was a post back in May 2012 in a different blog. Putting it up here for archives and reference.]

The film opens this Friday, May 11. There’s a lot of buzz on this and advertised aplenty in NYC on billboards, buses, sidewalls of stores,

however, as someone who is a fan of the original series, am not looking forward to see it. Looks like Tim Burton made a mockery of a classic. The original is very moody, dark and gothic. And yes at times the series was unintentionally funny, you’d see mics, production crews’ shadows, props falling, since the series was filmed live. But Burton seems like he made his remake intentionally funny, a comedy, cheesy funny. I’m sure, to those who don’t know or never have never seen the original, this will appeal to them, esp. for Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fans. Nonetheless, I’ll still see it with an open mind and reserve my judgment ’til then.

Getting panned by critics Review Revue: Dark Shadows – Speakeasy – WSJ.

Will still see it, nonetheless, to compare and contrast with the original series.

Amy MacDonald

How is she not known in NYC or U.S.A. yet? Perhaps American Idol or Glee needs to cover her song(s) to be noticed here. X Factor in Poland did. Then again, maybe they shouldn’t cover her songs. Talented and gifted musician, still.

What lingers is her spirit and ­determination, which may be qualities more associated with a Girl Guide than a pop star…”


Her latest album comes out June 11, 2012.

Slow it Down (unplugged) from Austrian Hitradio Ö3

Love Saves The Day, in New Hope, PA

Love Saves the Day in New Hope, PA

It’s been four years since Love Saves the Day closed in the East Village,


where it had a cameo in Desperately Seeking Susan, and which is now another ramen noodle shop. The ironic thing about LStD not being in NYC is that this is the type store hipsters would love.*

Nonetheless, I’ve never been to this vintage store since they’ve relocated to New Hope, PA, until recently.  And I was glad I went for a visit. The Star Wars collectibles, Breakfast at Tiffany’s lunchboxes,

the old Mad and Playboy magazines,

vintage clothing and other quirky odds and ends kitschy paraphernalia are still there.

One can not still take pictures in the store and the salesclerks constantly remind the patrons, in a friendly and cheerful and sing-songy voice, that no photos, food or drinks are allowed in the store. But before seeing the NO PHOTOS signs and being told that no photos are allowed, I did manage to take a few shots, like the ones above and this blurry shot of Phoenix arcade game, which works and still only cost 25¢ to play.

The store currently has a Halloween display inside and outside the store

and the salesladies were decked out in flapper dresses and Charleston music was playing in the store. So, upon entering the store, I was transported back to the EV circa 1980’s and 1990’s and early aughts,  and once inside the store I was also transported back to the 1920’s (meta transporting).

Still, East Village used to have that small town feel to it.I suppose it’s apt that Love Saves the Day found a new home in this comely quaint small town of New Hope, PA.

Getting there: New Hope, PA is about 2 1/2 hour bus ride via Trans-bridge Lines, which you can either stop in New Hope at Logan Square,  or get off the bus one stop earlier at Lambertville and walk across the bridge (~ 10 minutes) into New Hope; or 1 1/2 hour drive.

*not posting this on tumblr for I’m afraid the hipsters will discover LStd and New Hope. I mean  inevitably they probably would, but hopefully not soon enough via reading it in said platform.  Also, I think I’m done with tumblr.

fever pitch — football provides misery

hornby relishes the misery that football provides

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